Stringnote’s Customer Care, Payments and Term Calendar Policies

-Conditions for Music Lessons with Stringnote Academy-

  1. 1.     Conditions: please read them carefully

These Terms & Conditions are published on the 1st March 2019 and automatically replace all the previous ones

  1. 2.     Lessons and Cancellations
  2. Stringnote Academy usually follows the school calendar year given by the Local Authorities of the site where the Student attends his/her lessons,although small changes may be produced and they will be published in Stringnote’s website. To check the term calendar please see:
  3. For children doing the Level 1 lessons, or below, you are required to attend and stay at each lesson and if you are unable to do this, the Student might not be able to undertake the lesson, the teacher in charge will decide on this matter.
  4. Where Stringnote Academy cancels a lesson it will give you the option either to have a ‘credit lesson’ for a catch up lesson to be used in accordance with clause 4, or a refund for the lesson.
  5. You will be issued with a ‘credit lesson’’ for any cancellations in relation to group or individual  lessons. The number of credit lessons at the site is limited to no more than two per term and they should be redeemed in the same term (transfer can be requested by email and it will be granted at discretion of Stringnote) . For home students, the usual number of credit lessons per term does not excede three.
  6. Where the Student undertakes individual lessons at your home or at Stringnote’s site- and you provide Stringnote Academy with at least 24 hours prior notice that the Student will be unable to attend a lesson, Stringnote Academy will issue you a ‘credit lesson’ for a catch up lesson to be used in accordance with clause 4. If you provide less than 24 hours notice, Stringnote Academy will consider the circumstances and may in its sole discretion issue you, or not, with a credit lesson for a catch up lesson.
  7. A ‘credit lesson’ cannot be redeemed in cash or discounted for any payment due to Stringnote.
  8. 3.     Payment
  9. Lessons must be paid always in advance. You can choose between paying per full term in advance or with a Payments Plan agreed case by case with Stringnote.
  10. Stringnote Academy will issue an invoice to you prior to the start of each term.
  11. To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to ‘STRINGNOTE’.
  12. To pay by bank transfer please use the following bank details:

Business name: Stringnote

Bank: HSBC

Sort code: 40-05-31

Account number: 31610058

  1. Card payments are received through the PayPal portal, which link is provided in the Stringnote website. Stringnote does not have access to the curstomer’s payment details.
  2.  Except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement, all payments are non-refundable.
  3. Lessons can be suspended because of late payment. If Stringnote Academy does not receive your payment before the Student has started his/her lessons, the lessons may be suspended until payment is received. Stringnote Academy is not under any obligation to continue lessons while any payment under this Agreement is overdue. It is at Stringnote Academy’s absolute discretion whether lessons lost because of late payment of fees are eligible for catch up lessons.
  4. Lessons lost because of late payment of fees are usually not eligible for catch up lessons.
  5. 4.     Credits lessons and Catch up lessons
  6. A credit lesson is issued to a student and it can be used in exchange for a catch up lesson which should be arranged in the same term when the lesson was cancelled.
  7. A ‘credit lesson’ will automatically expire at the end of the term unless Stringnote Academy agrees, upon the Student request and at its absolute discretion, that it may be transferred to a new term. Stringnote Academy will only in exceptional circumstances be able to arrange a catch up lesson in another term. During the corresponding term, catch up lessons need to be booked in advance either by email on or by calling 07946808976.
  8. The number of credit lessons is limited to no more than two per term (site students) or three (home students). Exceptions should be agreed, in advance, with Stringnote.
  9. Only in exceptional circumstances, at Stringnote Academy’s absolute discretion, where the Student has missed more than one lesson because of ill health or accident or other family tragedy, and it is absolutely impossible to coordinate the catch up lesson/s during the current term, Stringnote Academy will offer a proportional refund which shall be discounted from the fees payable for the next term.
  10. 5.     Registration
  11. To register as a student for the first time, you will need to follow the procedure established by Stringnote, which will be informed to you by email.
  12. Usually, the Registration procedure involves two parts: sending the online registration form and the payment of the  due fees. If you either do one and not the other, the registration is not completed and your child will not have reserved his/her place in the new term.
  13. Independently of the initial registration, in each new term, current students will send the Renewal Registration form to confirm their continuity in the programme, together with the payment towards the new term. Case by case, Stringnote can authorise the payment of a holding deposit that must be received by the end of the term, together with the Renewal Registration, and that deposit will be discounted from the full fees that must be paid before the start of the lessons. By sending the Renewal Registration the student makes the commitment to take lessons in the new term, and cancellation charge of a minimum of £50.00 and up the full term fees will be applied in case the student later decides to stop music lessons at Stringnote. If the student has send the Renewal Registration  and has also made the payment for the new term, no refund is will be available in case he/she decides to cancel the music lessons in the new term.
  14. There is a Registration charge which is usually waved for new students and returning students that renew their registration within certain dates. Students that wish to return to the academy after taking a break  will pay the standard Registration charge, which will be added to their bill. The same registration charge will be paid by returning students that renew their registration beyond the established deadline.

6.     Termination

  1. Either Stringnote Academy or you may terminate this Agreement by giving one months’ notice in writing to the other party.
  2. Stringnote Academy may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement with immediate effect:
    1.       i.       where the location of the lessons is your home and you subsequently move home (on permanent or temporary basis);
    2.      ii.       where the Student takes individual lessons and you have cancelled 3 or more lessons by giving less than [6 hours] prior notice; or
    3.     iii.   where the student is having lessons with other teachers, as it is a Breach of Exclusivity Clause (see below);
    4. iiii if you have failed to pay when due any amounts payable under this Agreement,and in each case, you shall have no right to a refund of any fees paid.
  1. Stringnote Academy may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement with immediate effect for any other reason not mentioned here.

Where this Agreement is terminated by you, you will not be entitled to a refund of fees already paid. If the student had a Payment Plan, the student should pay the remaining instalments as stated in the term invoice.

  1. When this Agreement is terminated by Stringnote Academy, Stringnote Academy will refund fees on a proportionate basis, at their own discretion.
  2. 7.     Intellectual Property
  3. You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property, including but not limited to, registered trademarks, unregistered trademarks, copyright, confidential information and know-how in all books, materials, classes and programmes used by Stringnote Academy –with the exception of educational material duly licensed and/or owned by a third party- is and shall remain the exclusive property of Stringnote Academy.
  4. You shall hold all books and materials provided by Stringnote Academy in safe custody at your own risk and shall maintain the same in good condition. You shall promptly, on termination of this Agreement, return to Stringnote Academy all books and materials.
  5. All books and materials are for the Student’s own use and are not permitted to be copied, reproduced or distributed to any third party.
  6. There is a small fee to pay in exchange of all educational material (especially, piano books). This payment does not give you the property of the material, it only grants your access to it for the time you are a student at Stringnote.
  7. You are not permitted to photograph, film,  video or take any other recording of any of the lessons and any such recording shall be the property of Stringnote Academy.
  8. 8.     Consent
  9. You hereby consent to Stringnote Academy using the Student’s photograph/image undertaking lessons to be used on Stringnote Academy’s website or in other marketing material.
  10. Before Stringnote Academy uses any such photograph/image, Stringnote Academy shall inform you of Stringnote Academy’s intention of using such photographs/images. You may withdraw your consent at any time.
  11. From time to time Stringnote Academy may ask you to complete a survey. You hereby consent to any comments you provide to be used by Stringnote Academy for marketing purposes.
  12. 9.     Entry level requirements and Clause of Exclusivity
  13. Stringnote Academy reserves the right to establish the appropriate entry level for each Student undertaking lessons at Stringnote Academy. By registering at Stringnote, the student accepts the Clause of Exclusivity, that demands that no other teacher in the same instrument works at the same time with the Stringnote student. If the student decides to start having lessons at school, home or other location with other teacher outside the Stringnote Academy, Stringnote has the right to stop the lessons and cancel the registration, without offering any refund of the fees received and, in case of a Payment Plan, demanding the remaining instalments of the term fees.
  14. 10.  Behaviour
  1. If the Student is disruptive and/or his/her behaviour alters the dynamic of the group, you will be contacted and informed of the situation. Stringnote Academy has the right and duty to confirm the composition of a group and make the necessary changes any time and according to the circumstances.
  1. 11.  Personal effects
  2. Stringnote Academy is not responsible for any Student’s valuables that are misplaced, lost or stolen.
  1. 12.  Change of details
  2. You will notify Stringnote Academy of any changes to your details provided on the first page of the Agreement and/or your online Registration Form and Renewal Registration Form.
  1. 13.  Changes
  2. Any changes to this Agreement must be confirmed in writing and signed by both parties before it comes into effect.
  1. 14.  Limitation

To the fullest extend permitted by law, Stringnote Academy shall under no circumstances whatever be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the Agreement.

  1. 15.  Governing law

This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of England and Wales. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with, or concerning the carrying into effect of, this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of those courts for these purposes.—————-