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Marcello Palace* – Piano and Talent Development Programme

suzuki method LondonMarcello learned to play the guitar at the early age of 3 and when he was age 6 years, he was already playing the electric bass in a professional group. He began to compose music when he was only 13 years old and spent most of his teenage years studying classical music whilst also playing in popular bands.

He studied Music Composition at the School of Arts of the University of Cordoba for five years, Argentina, where he was a personal student of Cesar Franchisena (a disciple of Juan Carlos Paz) and developing activity as a researcher and composer.

A gifted and creative composer, Marcello’s has written music in a large variety of styles, from the early Middle Age period to the 20th century experimental music; he has also been keen to make film music.

Marcello is a qualified music teacher with extensive experience in schools environments, also in private groups and individual lessons; he’s been teaching Piano, Guitar, Music Theory and Composition for more than twenty years. Marcello’s practical teaching experience has been enhanced by his research on children’s musical development, harmony and composition. He has developed the teaching philosophy of “Music With No Pain” and has published several piano books, among them Instant Piano: play piano without reading the notes and Piano from Zero to Grade One. and all the Minigrades Piano Books for Stringnote students.

Marcello has also been developing a method to teach Music Theory (preparation for the Grade 5 ABRSM exam) and he continues developing books to support toddlers and young children’s creative musical development.

In Stringnote, Marcello has created the FulhamTree Method and designed Stringnote’s Talent Development Programme, where he is the Lead teacher. He also teaches Piano and Guitar, Music Theory and Classic and Modern Music Composition. Marcello has also developed two hugely successful YouTube channels: MusicWithNoPain and OidoMusical (in Spanish), each with more than 100,000 subscribers and each awarded a prestigious Silver Award.

Sylvia Corona-Palacios* – Piano and Talent Development Programme

suzuki method LondonSylvia’s Music degree (MA equivalent) is specialist in Music Pedagogy (UNC University). With extensive teaching training and experience, Sylvia has been assisting Marcello in the research for the FulhamTree Method and Stringnote’s Talent Development Programme, also in the design of its pedagogic activities.

Because of her professional experience as a business manager and strategy consultant for charitable and not-for profit organisations, Sylvia is also collaborating with the organisation of Stringnote Academy.