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Stringnote has recently launched its exclusive online music sessions for children ages 2 to 9, at  talentplayground.com With years of experience in individual and group teaching, research  in music pedagogy and, most importantly, online teaching, we are happy to offer you the ideal course that will allow you to learn and practice music from the comfort of your own home.
Either because you want more practice, or simply if you are unable to attend music lessons, the online training offered by Stringnote will enable your child to develop his/her musical abilities in any opportunity you get. Visit our new website talentplayground.com and TRY FOR FREE some of the lessons in each level…for sure you will want more! You can then contact us and ask for a FREE TRIAL VOUCHER that will allow you to try the whole course for a short period of time.

Send us an email to stringnote@btinternet.com and we’ll be happy to send you a voucher for your free trial at www.TalentPlayground.com