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Best Music Schools in LondonPre- School Music Talent Development for children 2+ to 4 years old

Summer offers in our NEW group on Tuesday afternoons and Free Taster sessions always available!
Children are naturally talented in music. But talent needs nurturing and research highlights the importance of an early training in music.

By developing their musical skills, toddlers are able to grow confident and self-assured. Furthermore, there is a well-known correlation between academic achievement (especially in Maths and English) and musical skills. Music lessons seem to enhance spatial-temporal reasoning, which is a key tool for mathematics studies; music has also been linked to the better development of reading and communication skills.

Our Talent Development Programme has a course for toddlers,the Level I Pre-School Groups. In this type of group sessions we advise that a parent/career to be present, although no previous musical training for her/him is required.

These are music sessions especially designed to support the development of musical creativity in young children, practicing pitch, rhythm and raising children’s general musical awareness. These are well-planned and specially designed non-structured sessions to support your child’s growing creativity.

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Free Taster Lessons Available!
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Stringnote’s exclusive Talent Development Programme (TDP) aims to develop, from an early age, the full creative potential that children have. Please note that we do not provide music sessions for entertainment only; instead, our child-friendly activities are part of an innovative research-supported programme that imbricates with the traditional system of ABRSM graded exams. Thus, when your child grows, he/she will progress to the Level II Kids sessions (for children 4+ years old). To learn more about our Talent Development Programme, please click here.

With more than twenty years of teaching experience, Stringnote will support your child’s growing creativity!

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