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Book your Free Taster session in any Talent Development Music Group:

Until we return to the site, all the free taster sessions are online, home taster lessons have a reduced fee.

Come and join one of our groups and see how, at Stringnote, your children’s talent can develop and grow!

To celebrate the success of our Talent Development Programme, Stringnote is offering One Free Taster Session in any group lesson (Terms and Conditions apply, please see below). Advanced booking is essential.

Any Taster Session at your home (piano, singing, violin, guitar) will incur in a reduced charge. 

To claim your Free Taster Session in a Talent Development Group please click in the link below:

Book a Free Taster Session

Alternatively, you can book your free session over the phone or contact us for more details!

Free Taster Sessions’ Terms and Conditions

No more than one Taster Session per student (unless you are interested in more than one group, in which case you can contact Stringnote and arrange for more than one Taster Session);

Free Taster Sessions are only for group lessons;

In some group lessons or courses participants might be required to bring a musical instrument. Please contact us to confirm so;

Spaces for the free taster sessions are allocated on first come-first served basis. Please make sure you reserve your place with a minimum of seven days in advance;

Dates/time subject to availability. We will endeavor to provide the free taster sessions in the day/time you prefer but we under no obligation to do so;

A minimum number of students in the group lesson selected by you is required for Stringnote to confirm your place. If that number has not been reached, we will contact you to re-arrange the date;

Any other situation related to the Free Taster Sessions that has not been mentioned in these Terms and Conditions will be decided by Stringnote’s Management.

Stringnote reserves the right to make amendments of these terms and conditions at any time.