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What is Stringnote’s Exam Day?
Stringnote’s Exam Day is the date when Stringnote Academy offers the opportunity to those children that have completed a minigrade recently, to be tested by an external examiner and get a certificate and notes from the examiner that can be used, for example for school applications.
When is the next date for the Exam and Assessment Day?
The next date will be on SUNDAY 14th May 2017.
What time will the activity start?
The activities will start from 1.30 pm, although individual time slots are allocated for each student to minimise the waiting time. After you’ve received your individual time slot please stick to it.
Where will the exams and assessments take place?
The exam date will be at the Pryor’s Bank Pavilion, where we currently have our usual activities.
Who will be the teachers running the exams and assessments?
Marcello Palace, Director of the academy and Ms Eloise Riddell as an external examiner.
Can I still register my child for the Exam Day?
If your child has been invited to the exam you will receive a registration form via email.


What is a MiniGrade Exam?
The Piano MiniGrade Exam is offered to students that have finished a full MiniGrade programme and therefore feel confident to be assessed on that level.
What is the format for a MiniGrade Exam?
Children taking the Piano MiniGrade Exam will have a similar session to the weekly individual piano lesson. The student will play the two selected pieces from their MiniGrade book (at the end of the book). They will also have a short rhythmic exercise to perform.
Will all the children receive a certificate?
All the students taking the Piano MiniGrade Exam will receive a certificate, as an award for their dedication and effort.
Parents will also receive an Information Sheet, in case of the Assessment, or an Analytical Report, in case of the Piano MiniGrade Exams.
Will my child receive a mark?
Piano MiniGrade exams have a marking scheme but the mark will not be stated in the certificate, only in the analytical report. Thus, the reward will be the same for all the children taking exams, although -if necessary for school applications and other circumstances- parents will be able to add the analytical report, with the mark, to the certificate.
What happens if my child fails the exam will she/he still have a certificate?
Children taking the Piano MiniGrade Exam cannot fail, as the Stringnote teachers have already made a previous assessment and issued an ‘invitation’ only to the students that exceed the required level to pass the exam.
Therefore, all children will take home a certificate of achievement.
We have tried to address the FAQs. For anything further, please do contact us!