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This is an optional way of registering your child/children for music lesson in Stringnote Music Academy.

With this annual registration form, you don’t need to send a Registration Renewal every term, since we know that your child will continue with the music lessons.

Please note that the annual registration will last for a whole academic year or equivalent of THREE academic terms.

Near the date and only once a year, you will receive a reminder to renew your annual registration form.

The annual registration form requires the payment of a £50 deposit per child, which will be refunded when your child/children stop the music lessons at Stringnote (and as long as there is no pending balance in your account). When you renew the annual registration form, the deposit you have already paid will also be transferred, since it is a one-off fee. Remember: the Annual Registration is not confirmed until we receive the £50 per child deposit.

Please also remember that if you change address, email or mobile phone number, we need to know it ASAP in order to update your information.

You are invited to fill in the following form: